Insulation Removal


Insulation provides comfort to a home and controls energy bills. But despite the fact that you rarely — if ever — see it, it is not an indestructible material. Insulation can become damaged through roof leaks, storms, infestations, or other causes, and that can lead to serious issues.

If your insulation has been damaged, it’s important that it is removed properly. When your insulation needs to be removed and replaced, call Allweather Insulation.


Insulation is prone to damage if it gets exposed to the elements or to pests. If you are lucky, wet insulation can dry out and therefore does not need to be removed. However, if your wet insulation does not dry properly, it can become permanently damaged by mold and mildew — and it can even undermine the structural integrity of your home.

If there is excessive moisture or if a moisture problem doesn’t get fixed for a long time, the issue can become much more serious. If your attic insulation has been damaged by moisture, storm damage, or pests, call Allweather Insulation immediately so that a member of our experienced team will come to your property and evaluate your home’s insulation situation.


As is the case when installing insulation, removing insulation can be a messy process if it is not done right. It is best to partner with insulation professionals who have years of experience removing insulation from homes and businesses.

Whether it is removing old insulation from an attic or removing spray foam insulation between rooms, we use equipment designed specifically for insulation removal. This ensures that the damaged insulation (and anything that might be inside it) remains contained and does not contaminate your living space. We have the tools and experience to ensure the process is as simple, clean, and efficient as possible.

Do not wait until issues with moisture, mold, or pests get out of control. If you even suspect there might be a problem, it’s important to reach out to a professional and make sure it is resolved. The health and safety of everyone in your structure could be affected.

For quality and reliable insulation removal, contact Allweather Insulation!