How Do I Know if I Need an Energy Audit?

Men performing blower door test.

An energy audit is a valuable assessment to determine specific ways to make your home or business more efficient. Consider an energy audit if your utility bills are abnormally high or if your home has irregular temperatures (some areas hotter or colder than others).

An independent energy auditor will visit your home and do a thorough examination of your entire home to assess your current energy usage. Many audits also include a blower door test to determine how airtight your home is. During this test a powerful fan is mounted into the frame of an exterior door. The fan draws air out of the house and reveals any air leaks.

Another method to discover air leaks is infrared scanning. The scan creates thermal images to visually show areas that need insulation or air sealing.

To learn more about how energy audits work contact Allweather Insulation in Tallahassee. We can recommend an energy auditor to assess your home.