Fireproofing Services in Tallahassee, FL

Allweather Insulation can provide a fireproofing solution for your project. We are proud to provide a fireproofing solution from CAFCO®.

The goal of fireproofing is to reduce the spread of fire between spaces. It is critical in a commercial application, reducing the risk of injury to inhabitants as they evacuate.


BLAZE-SHIELD II® from CAFCO® is a spray-applied fire resistive material (SFRM).

BLAZE-SHIELD II® is a commercial density (15 pcf/240 kg/m3), compositely reinforced Portland cement-based SFRM designed to endure construction abuse as well as exposure to extreme weather conditions (UL investigated for exterior use). With a high recycled content, superior durability, no pre-mixing and reduced labor costs to install, BLAZE-SHIELD II® is the most cost effective SFRM in the world.

We provide a variety of commercial fireproofing products from Isolatek and CAFCO®. For more information and to view product tutorials, click here.


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