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fiberglass batt roll insulation in attic

Why is Insulation Important?

Insulation helps maintain an ambient temperature in your home, can reduce noise transfer, and makes your home more energy efficient.

Did you know that 60% of all air leakage is through the attic? Did you know that poor insulation and air leaks in your walls can results in a 15% heating/cooling loss through those exterior walls?

With proper insulation, your home will be more comfortable through the year. Since your home will be more energy efficient, you will also experience lower heating and cooling costs. Expertly installed insulation can help control moisture levels in your interior spaces and can reduce noise transfer from the outside and from room to room.

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Home wrapped in scarf wearing winter hat -- insulation concept

Why it is Important to Insulate

Insulation slows the transfer of heat from inside your home in the winter and into your home from the outside in the summer.

There are many reasons why it is important to insulate your home or business.

  • Home comfort. If the temperature inside your home feels too hot or too cold you probably do not have proper insulation and you could also have air leaks. A home energy evaluation is a good way to determine where the energy is being lost and your options for better efficiency.
  • Building or remodeling. If you are planning to build or remodel, this is the perfect time to evaluate whether you need to add more insulation. It is much easier to add insulation to an open structure.
  • Noise reduction. Insulation can buffer noise transfer from room to room inside your home. Insulating your exterior walls keeps outside noise from entering.
  • Lower utility bills. Higher than average utility bills are usually the result of inadequate insulation and air leakage. Insulation helps keep the temperature comfortable inside your home and saves you money.
  • Carbon footprint. Adding insulation can reduce energy loss from your home which also reduces the carbon released into the environment by fossil fuels.
  • Home value. When you are ready to sell your home lower energy costs may bring a higher price from buyers.

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Spray foam insulation

How to Get More Use Out Of Your Bonus Room

Many Florida homes have a bonus room over the garage. Oftentimes, bonus rooms are rarely used because the room is too hot. Why waste great square footage when proper insulation can help?

The way to manage the temperature in a bonus room is to insulate the roofline and the floor (aka the garage ceiling) with open cell spray foam. Installing spray foam insulation adds proper R-value to prevent heat transfer.

Open cell spray foam insulation also seals air leaks, eliminating penetration points through which hot, humid Florida air can enter. We recommend that all new home builders and new home customers insulate their homes with spray foam insulation – and bonus rooms in particular.

If you want to enjoy your new bonus room, call us today to discuss spray foam insulation! Don’t waste this great square footage due to improper insulation. Contact Allweather Insulation today!

Spray foam insulation
Spray foam insulation installed in walls and roofline interior
thermometer showing hot temperatures

Beat Florida Heat – Insulate!

Home insulation is often associated with northern climates and cold weather. The thermal barrier that insulation creates is just as important in southern climates and warm weather. If your Florida home is not properly insulated, your comfort and your wallet will suffer.

During hot Florida weather, the sun heats the surface of your roof. This in turn heats the air inside your attic. While this is happening, your home’s cooling system is working to manage your home’s indoor temperature. In an attempt to create balance, hot attic air moves into your home’s living space.

This same situation applies to wall insulation. When exterior walls are heated by the hot Florida sun, the temperature inside the wall cavity increases. This warm air will attempt to create a balance by moving into your home’s living space. Adding wall insulation helps reduce this heat transfer to keep your home comfortable.

When a home is properly insulated and air sealed, warm air stays out of your living space. This means your cooling system runs less often, reducing your monthly energy bills. Let’s not forget – upgrading insulation will keep your home comfortable all year. This one investment will pay you back month after month!

Not sure if your insulation is doing its job? Contact our office. We are happy to answer your questions and schedule a free estimate.

Contractor meeting with homeowner

Three Steps to Choose the Right Insulation Contractor

There are many decisions to make if you are beginning a remodeling project or building a new home. The most important decision can be choosing the right contractor for your job. It can be challenging to be sure you choose the best contractor. How do you know the company is reputable and will be there to handle a problem that could occur down the road? Can you trust them to show up on the scheduled work day?

Don’t let hiring an insulation contractor become overwhelming. Here are some tips to help ensure you’re making the right choice:

  • License and insurance. A professional insulation contractor will be properly licensed and insured to work on your home or project. You should ask for proof if you have any doubt.
  • Experience. There are insulation contractors in any market that have limited experience. They may be new to the business or don’t have experience working on your type of project. Ask about your insulation contractor’s experience, in particular on your type of project. You can also check references and work history.
  • Customer focus. A professional insulation contractor will return your calls in a timely manner, answer your questions and fully explain your project estimate. If you are not comfortable with the initial service you receive, bring it to the contractor’s attention or look for a replacement.

Allweather Insulation has extensive insulation experience, is properly licensed and insured, and cares about providing great customer service. To schedule a free estimate for your insulation project, contact our office.

New home construction

Three New Home Features that Save Money and Energy

If you’re building a new home, it’s the perfect time to integrate energy saving products and features. Taking time to select the right building materials and products now will pay off with increased indoor comfort and lower energy bills on day one. Here are three areas of your new home where smart energy investments will pay off:
  1. Insulation
    Properly insulating your home’s exterior can keep energy bills low. Consider upgrading your attic insulation, wall insulation and crawl space insulation during the construction process. Adding a professionally installed blanket of insulation around your home’s exterior will help keep energy dollars in and exterior noise out.
  2. Air Sealing
    Air sealing complements insulation by sealing penetration points to stop conditioned air from escaping your home. Some penetration points are visible to the eye while others are more difficult to identify. Tip: Choose spray foam insulation for your new home to add R-value and fully seal air leaks in one step.
  3. Doors and Windows
    Choose proper exterior doors and windows. Different sides of your home can be impacted by various weather factors including wind and sun. Consider the energy rating for windows and doors and the side of the home on which they will be installed. Be sure your insulation contractor fully air seals around all doors and windows.

Do you have questions about insulation and air sealing for your new home? Could your existing home benefit from air sealing and upgraded insulation? Contact our office – we can help!